Watch These 3 Metrics To Measure Success On Your Site

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You want your website to be a success. Of course you do, that’s why you’ve put so much work into it. But once you have your site online and ready for the public, how do you measure how you’re doing? Without quantifying what success means, you won’t be able to say if you’re reaching your goals or not. So many … Read More

Why Page Load Time Matters In 2019

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3.5 billion people are now online, and they have certain expectations when they visit a website. You can provide the perfect visual and informative experience to your users, but your page load time can hurt the experience that you offer. Do you know why your page speed matters? This post will tell you why. Keep reading to learn why your page … Read More

What Is Website Propagation and How Long Does It Take?

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You may have just found the best domain name for your site or changed your website host. In your excitement, you try to type in your website, it’s not there. Anytime you make changes to a domain name, it takes a bit of time for the rest of the internet to catch up. Keep reading to learn what website propagation … Read More

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Responsive Website

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Wow! Your website looks great. Wait, what was that? It’s not mobile-friendly? Well, that’s a problem. Nearly 80% of the American population owns a smartphone. And guess what people do on their smartphone? They browse the internet. According to Google, more searches are done on mobile devices than on desktops or tablets. This means your customers likely going to visit your website on their smartphone. If your … Read More

4 Design Elements That Define a Great WordPress Home Page

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Did you know that WordPress is used by 33.6% of websites? WordPress is an open source blog publishing and content management system. It’s incredibly popular because it is fairly easy to use and is super customizable. With all of that freedom to customize as you please, it would be a crime to use the default settings and call it a day. … Read More

A Step-By-Step Guide: How To Curate Content To Grow Your Brand

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You have 0.1 seconds to explain why your brand is worth checking out to a total stranger. Can you do it? It turns out, you can! That is if you have a great website and social strategy. In today’s growing digital landscape and competitive online market, a beautifully curated website and cohesive social media channels are going to help you out … Read More

Why You Need a Professional Website for Your Business

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A business without a website is like a dog without a bone. Sure, it’s likely to survive if it’s healthy anyway, but its quality of life is undoubtedly worse. In a digital world, every business benefits from an online presence. For instance, it’s predicted that almost 2 billion people will buy something online this year. Can your business afford not to get … Read More

All About the Font: Importance of Typography in Web Design

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Did you know typography can influence how your brand is perceived? That’s right: after simply glancing at the text on your web page, your visitors form preconceived notions about your business. And it’s better to have those notions working for you rather than against you. If you’re looking to learn all about typography, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll cover … Read More

Responsive Web Design: What It Is And Why You Need It

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Have you ever gone to a website on your phone and the text and images were so small you couldn’t see any of it? Not only is that inconvenient for users, but it’s also a serious blunder in the world of web page design. If you want users to return to your site, it has to be responsive. But what is responsive … Read More