Is There a Best SSL Certificate for WordPress Websites?

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What’s the Best SSL Certificate for WP Sites? Ever since Google made SSL certificates a mandatory part of SEO, everyday companies have been searching for the right solution. Yet it’s no easy task, especially if web development isn’t your forte. Just understanding what this essential element of security is can be a challenge for many. So how do you go about choosing the … Read More

Problems We Prevent: Widely Compromised E-Commerce Stores

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MagentoCore Malware Found on 7,339 Magento Stores By Catalin Cimpanu In the article above, Cimpanu writes, “A Dutch security researcher has lifted the veil on a massive website hacking campaign that has infected 7,339 Magento stores with a script that collects payment card data from people shopping on the sites.” The Jonesen Take: If you’re worried about the security of your … Read More

The Best WordPress Security Tips You Need to Remember

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Despite the awesomeness of WordPress, your site can still be vulnerable to attacks. Even so, the best WordPress security tips can keep you out of trouble. They can either limit access or block hackers from exploiting weaknesses. Many business owners never expect someone to hack their site. Yet, there is a lot those hackers stand to gain if they are not stopped. This … Read More

Mystery Solved: 4 Reasons for Slow Loading Web Pages

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People spend a few seconds on any given web page, looking for a reason to move on to the next. Today, instant gratification is expected and it’s left businesses with a fraction of time to grab their attention. Keeping your audience on the page will require speedy load times on all pages across your site. Slow loading web pages perform … Read More

Is WordPress the Best Platform for Your Business Website?

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Many small business owners and marketing professionals throw basic engineering principles out the door when it comes to building their internet presence. They end up building from a faulty foundation and wonder later why their performance is lacking. The truth is, no amount of content tips will overcome the wrong platform for your business website. One of the biggest benefits of content … Read More

5 Blogging Tips That’ll Help Increase Traffic and Revenue

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Blogging is one of the most cost-effective content marketing tools out there. Unfortunately, not every blogger gets the attention they deserve. We’re here to change that with this list of five blogging tips to help increase traffic and revenue to your site. 1. Treat Your Blog Like A Conversation One of the biggest reasons most blogs fail is because they don’t understand … Read More

Site Marked as “Not Secure”? We Can Help!

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Treatment of HTTP Pages

(Image Credit: Google Security Blog) Since the Chrome 68 update that Google rolled out in July, some of our clients without SSL certificates have noticed that the URL bar now displays a “Not secure” designation for their site. This does not mean that their sites have been hacked, or that it is any more vulnerable than before. It simply means … Read More

Problems We Prevent: Slow Load Times

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2 New Ranking Factors From Google You Can’t Ignore By Kaili Killpack Highlight: “page speed is now a ranking factor for websites in mobile searches (from phones and tablets). If your website runs slowly on mobile devices, you should make some changes to get it loading quicker.” The Jonesen Take: We agree! Our sites are built to be mobile optimized … Read More

Help! How Often Should I Post on My Website’s Blog for SEO Purposes?

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Many small business owners often raise the question, “How often should I blog for SEO purposes?” because they aren’t sure how frequently they should be posting. In this guide, we are going to go over how to determine how frequently you should post on your blog for you to get optimal results. Every month, over 70 million articles are posted on WordPress … Read More

We Hate Sliders! Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Too!

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A lot of websites love to use a slider on the homepage or within posts for photos. It looks sleek and offers a rotating array of content. Having sliders on your website gives your site a minimalist aesthetic, but did you know sliders can actually hurt your SEO? Here are five reasons to ditch your website slider and use an … Read More