Important Information for Crafting Your Privacy Policy

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*Disclaimer* The Jonesen Team is great at building beautiful and intuitive websites, it’s what we love to do. What we are not great at (or qualified for) is giving out legal advice.  If you have questions about the privacy policy, we recommend contacting your attorney for more information. Your E- Commerce website is required by law to have a privacy … Read More

Elements You Should Include in Your Church Website

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Church Website

The internet allows people to communicate on a grander level than ever before. As a result, a church website can be a great way to boost engagement with your parishioners. Not only that, but it has the potential to encourage more people to visit the church. So, it is vital to have the right elements in your church website. As … Read More

Elements to Include in Your Restaurant Website Design

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Restaurant Website Design

In today’s world, having an effective restaurant website design is part of what gets customers in the door at your establishment. In fact, while 48.9% of people ask friends for restaurant recommendations, more than 80% of those people dig a little deeper for information. As many as 27% of those consumers turn to the restaurant’s website for information. Needless to … Read More

What Elements Should Your Construction Website Include?

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Construction Website

As a contractor whose clients usually come from previous customers’ recommendation, you may not see the point of having a website. However, in the digital age, a website is crucial to the success of your business. Think of it like this: a construction website means putting your business on the map so that any potential client out there can find … Read More

How to Know if You Need a New Website

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Need A New Website

If you’ve carved out a little corner of the Internet for your business, you may be wondering why you need a new website. Maybe your website is old. Still – the important thing is having one, right? Not necessarily. You need to keep your website relevant and up to date in order to keep attracting customers and business. Curious if … Read More

Why You Need Secure Hosting

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Secure Hosting

It’s official – Google has announced that their Chrome browser will be marking HTTP sites accepting passwords and credit card as “non-secure” starting January 2017. However, their plan doesn’t stop there. Eventually, Google will have their Chrome browser to mark all HTTP sites as “Not Secure” – complete with a red warning triangle right in the browser. With these upcoming … Read More