Website Planning: How to Get Started on Your Small Business Website

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There are almost 28 million small businesses in the US. Many of those small businesses either have a website that is lacking in design and function or no website at all. If your business doesn’t have a website, you are missing a powerful tool that helps you build trust and authority. Continue reading this article to learn the best website planning steps … Read More

How to Make Your Website Popular: Timeless Ideas to Attract Visitors

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How can you get lots of visitors to your website? That’s the million dollar question every website owner obsesses over. The natural inclination is to follow the If-You-Build-It-They-Will-Come Model. In other words, produce good content and the masses will find you. Unfortunately, this model almost never works. Perhaps it should be renamed the Hope-and-Pray model. So how can you get … Read More

How to Fix Video That’s Slowing Down Your Page Load Time

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When it comes to online marketing, no content is more compelling and connective than video. There’s a reason why 55% of people watch video content online every day. But leveraging video to bolster your brand and improve sales is easier said than done, and if used ineffectively, video can actually slow down your page load time and drive customers away from your … Read More

How to Optimize Blog Images So They’re Not Slowing Down Your Site

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Web users have high expectations for website speed. In fact, 40% of web users will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. One of the biggest culprits of slow website speed is images that aren’t optimized. Having enough of these images on your blog, especially on landing pages, can significantly reduce your website speed. However, getting rid … Read More

Site Marked as “Not Secure”? We Can Help!

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Treatment of HTTP Pages

(Image Credit: Google Security Blog) Since the Chrome 68 update that Google rolled out in July, some of our clients without SSL certificates have noticed that the URL bar now displays a “Not secure” designation for their site. This does not mean that their sites have been hacked, or that it is any more vulnerable than before. It simply means … Read More

Adding a Gallery to Your Blog

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Looking to add some images your a blog post? Try organizing the images and giving them captions by using the gallery feature. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need anything else!

How To Change Your Jonesen Website Password

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How To Change Your Password

While there is much debate about how often you should change your passwords, a good rule of thumb is that a strong, unpredictable, and site-specific password is your best bet for keeping the bad guys out.    Maybe it’s been a while since we launched your site or you want to change your password to something that is easier to … Read More

5 Ways to Instantly Enhance Your Online Privacy

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5 Ways to Instantly Enhance Your Online Privacy Do you run the risk of a cybersecurity breach?  Here’s what you can do to immediately build your online privacy and security to help avoid an attack during your personal day to day use of the internet. If you want to see the biggest demonstration of how things have changed over the … Read More