Email Host Transfer

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Here at Jonesen, we know how critical email is to your day-to-day operations and communications. If you’re moving over to one of our curated hosting stacks, our goal is to ensure a speedy, simple, and safe transfer of your information and email accounts. Since every email transfer is different due to variations in original providers, email clients, and settings from … Read More

Botanas Bar and Grill

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Location: 3515 W 76 Country Blvd Branson, MO 65616 Website: Botanas Premier Mexican Grill and Bar Here is the story of just one more happy Jonesen client.  It is a story that not often told in the Ozarks about website design. To cut the to the good part, the data part because we are nerds, we took them from … Read More

The Jonesen Curated Difference

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Curated Content

We’re often asked what sets us apart from other hosting options. With all the self hosting, (in the case of a wordpress project), and site managing services, what makes us special? We don’t just host your site, we curate it. cu·rate “To select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge”. SELF HOSTED, … Read More

College View Apartments in Hollister

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CASE STUDY: COLLEGE VIEW APARTMENTS LOCATION: 195 College View Drive, Hollister, Missouri Website: Client Story (paraphrase): “We need a domain, we need website, and if we can get a website that as a secure way for people to submit an application form on the website that would be awesome.  Also we want there to be a place where tenants could … Read More

Bootstrapping Determined Business Owners

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Branson business owners are probably the most scrappy of all of our customers for a simple reason, nothing is predictable in the Branson economy.  When Jonesen decided to open our webdesign shop in Branson we did it out of a love for the special class of business owners that exists in the area.  No where else had we experienced a group of … Read More

Drive Tourists To Your Website Before They Drive To Branson

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Search Engine Optimization Branson Web Design

Jonesen understands that you are focused on communicating to would be visitors that, when in Branson, the place they need to stay, visit or patron is your store, restaurant, music show, or attraction.  We also understand that each hard earned dollar needs to be carefully stewarded to ensure that your marketing efforts not only sound good and make sense, but also are measurable. … Read More