Problems We Prevent: Ignored Software Updates (Yes, Again)

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86% of e-commerce platforms are missing security patches, says report By Leah Alger The Jonesen Take:  If you are a dedicated reader of our blog, you’ve probably noticed that we post a LOT of articles about software updates. There are 2 main reasons for this. 1. They’re REALLY important. 2. Site administrators keep not updated their sites. Luckily for anyone who … Read More

Adding a Gallery to Your Blog

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Looking to add some images your a blog post? Try organizing the images and giving them captions by using the gallery feature. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need anything else!

Problems We Prevent: Hijacked Site Traffic

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How hack on 10,000 WordPress sites was used to launch an epic malvertising campaign By John Leyden A question that a lot of small business owners tend to ask is “Why would anyone want to hack my site if I don’t even have any sensitive data stored on it” It’s a fair questions but the article above offers at least … Read More

Problems We Prevent: Unintuitive Websites

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You’ll Thank Us Later – 50 Features Your Small Business Website Needs by Annie Pilon The Jonesen Take: This article does a good job of informing readers about important features that relate to an intuitive user experience. Was there a function listed that you would like on your website? Let us know, we’re happy to help out!

Who Should I Choose to Host My Website?

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Many site owners and web developers think of web hosting as an afterthought. “My beautiful site is done and now I need to connect it to the web.”  We don’t look at it that way, and we encourage our clients not to either. Web hosting is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle for any website and it can have … Read More

Who Should I Choose to Build My Website?

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Who Should I Pay to Build My Website?

If you are reading this blog, the question stated above is one that you have most likely asked yourself at some point.  But before we answer the question of who you should hire, let’s look at another question: “Why do you want a website?” Most of our clients have a pretty straightforward goal for their site.  They want potential customers … Read More