Problems We Prevent: Compromised Servers

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New MassMiner Malware Targets Web Servers With an Assortment of Exploits By Catalin Cimpanu The Jonesen Take: Websites that are hosted on servers infected with this malware are vulnerable to many different forms of attack.  From decreased performance to data breaches or even total denial of service for users.  It matters where you decided to host your site. Our curated web hosting … Read More

5 Things Your Business Should Be Doing Online

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10 Things Your Business Should Do Online

Don’t look now but we’re rapidly approaching the halfway mark for 2016. If you’re like most business owners, there is probably a laundry list of things you wanted to accomplish online in 2016. From getting mobile friendly to making regular blog posts, here are 5 things your business should be doing online. Get Mobile Friendly Previously we outlined why having … Read More

A CDN Will Make You Better: 5 Reasons Why

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What the heck is a CDN? Short answer: A Content Deliver Network. (CDN) More accurate answer: A better user experience. The Long Answer “A content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other Web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery … Read More