Is WordPress the Best Platform for Your Business Website?

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Many small business owners and marketing professionals throw basic engineering principles out the door when it comes to building their internet presence. They end up building from a faulty foundation and wonder later why their performance is lacking. The truth is, no amount of content tips will overcome the wrong platform for your business website. One of the biggest benefits of content … Read More

We Hate Sliders! Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Too!

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A lot of websites love to use a slider on the homepage or within posts for photos. It looks sleek and offers a rotating array of content. Having sliders on your website gives your site a minimalist aesthetic, but did you know sliders can actually hurt your SEO? Here are five reasons to ditch your website slider and use an … Read More

Adding a Gallery to Your Blog

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Looking to add some images your a blog post? Try organizing the images and giving them captions by using the gallery feature. Please feel free to reach out to us if you need anything else!

Who Should I Choose to Build My Website?

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Who Should I Pay to Build My Website?

If you are reading this blog, the question stated above is one that you have most likely asked yourself at some point.  But before we answer the question of who you should hire, let’s look at another question: “Why do you want a website?” Most of our clients have a pretty straightforward goal for their site.  They want potential customers … Read More

Why Your Site MUST Be Mobile-Friendly

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Why Your Site MUST Be Mobile-Friendly

In this era of smartphones, it’s essential you create a mobile-friendly version of your website. If you don’t, you could be losing business and here’s why. Have you ever tried to visit a website from your smartphone, only to get so aggravated by the poor design that you left the site completely and went to a different one? Is it … Read More

Problems We Prevent: Missing WordPress Updates

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WordPress Update – 4.9.7 Security & Maintenance Release by Marc-Alexandre Montpas on July 5, 2018 Summary: WordPress has just released an update to address several security issues, including one known vulnerability that we recently discussed here. Jonesen Take: Our curated hosting clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that their site is always up to date with the latest that WordPress … Read More

Selling Your Web Design and Hosting Business? Let’s Talk!

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hosting business

Over the years, we’ve seen many web companies that provide design and hosting services for a while and then seem to fall off the map. This happens for many different reasons; an entrepreneur wants to move on to another opportunity, a great designer gets a job offer she can’t pass up, a developer moves into something more specialized. A couple … Read More