3 Web Color Schemes Inspire Your New Site

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Are you losing customers because you’ve got an outdated website? Do you need to put your business online? The online retail industry is worth more than $2 trillion per year, with the top three companies earning more than $100 billion. If you’re thinking of developing your website, it’s time to get started. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make … Read More

Homepage Design Trends for 2019

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Homepage design is crucial if you want to paint your company in a good light. Whenever people want to learn more about you, the first thing they’ll do is stop by your site.  The homepage is literally the first impression, so you have to knock it out of the park. Like any industry, web design goes through evolutions year after … Read More

Help! How Often Should I Post on My Website’s Blog for SEO Purposes?

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Many small business owners often raise the question, “How often should I blog for SEO purposes?” because they aren’t sure how frequently they should be posting. In this guide, we are going to go over how to determine how frequently you should post on your blog for you to get optimal results. Every month, over 70 million articles are posted on WordPress … Read More

Who Should I Choose to Build My Website?

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Who Should I Pay to Build My Website?

If you are reading this blog, the question stated above is one that you have most likely asked yourself at some point.  But before we answer the question of who you should hire, let’s look at another question: “Why do you want a website?” Most of our clients have a pretty straightforward goal for their site.  They want potential customers … Read More

Selling Your Web Design and Hosting Business? Let’s Talk!

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hosting business

Over the years, we’ve seen many web companies that provide design and hosting services for a while and then seem to fall off the map. This happens for many different reasons; an entrepreneur wants to move on to another opportunity, a great designer gets a job offer she can’t pass up, a developer moves into something more specialized. A couple … Read More

How Successful Web Design Looks Like A Relationship

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Web Design is a service. A website is a product. If you pay someone to create a website for you, it’s entirely possible that you won’t deal with them again. They’ll create a website for you, maybe teach you how to use it, and you’re on your own. If you hire a Web Designer you’re starting a relationship. You are … Read More

5 Questions For When You Want A Web Designer

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Hiring A Web Designer

1. Why Do I Want a Web Designer? You can get a fishing rod, get some bait, go to the lake, stand in your favorite spot, attach the lure, catch a fish, gut it, clean it, cook it up over a nice fire, add your favorite seasonings, and enjoy the results of all your hard work. Or you can pay a … Read More